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Top 7 Tablets for Drawing in 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Drawing tablets are the latest innovation for graphic designers who seek efficiency and creativity in their field. They allow you to draw and edit on your tablet, which can be a major time saver. With tablets like these, you can sketch out your idea quickly and edit it on a larger screen when necessary – saving time wasted by constant back-and-forths from notebook to desktop.

Tablets for Drawing – Our Top 3 Picks

1st Choice
Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet with Full-Laminated Screen
Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet
  • Full-laminated anti-glare glass – with full-laminated technology, it reduces parallax to the lowest
  • Tilt function battery-free stylus – kamvas pro 16 drawing tablet monitor comes with 8192 levels
  • 1 touch bar and 6 press keys – functions of the touch bar: page up and down, adjust the size
2nd Choice
Huion KAMVAS 20 Drawing Pen Display Graphics Monitor Tilt Function
Huion KAMVAS 20
  • Tilt function battery-free stylus – comes with 8192 levels of pen pressure with 60 pen tilt support
  • 120% srgb color gamut – kamvas 20 pen tablet provide you with richer colors and smoother transition
  • 178wide viewing angle – ensures clear and beautiful image to be displayed without color disparity. 
3rd Choice
Simbans PicassoTab 10 Inch Drawing Tablet and Stylus Pen, 2GB, 32GB, Android 9 Pie
Simbans PicassoTab 10-inch
  • Draw or take notes: the most affordable tablet that comes with a pen and a pre-installed autodesk sk
  • Free Bonuses: a high-quality tablet case, drawing glove, universal power adaptor…
  • The best android drawing tablet: Clear screen, large disk and a superior cpu: high power mediatek quad-core processor
best tablet for drawing

Drawing tablets can bring your creativity to a whole new level. They allow you to draw and instantly have your art on your laptop or tablet and edit existing work. With this level of convenience, it’s hard not to choose one of these wonders! Every tablet has its own display size, pen(s), connections, and more that make them unique.

It is hard to choose between all of the options on the market – choosing the right tablet for drawing can be tough.

With many options available on the market, it may seem difficult at first trying to decide which one is best suited for your needs (and budget!) but don’t worry; we’ve compiled information about some of our favorite models below!

Drawing is an art form. For those who enjoy the creative process and want to add their own flair to it, drawing tablets are essential items. They can be used for a range of applications, from general drawing to 3D modeling.

The following article will introduce you to some of the best drawing tablets on the market today and offer insight into which one would be best for your preferred application(s).

Best Drawing Tablets – Reviews

Throughout the next section, we’ll go over my top picks for the best drawing tablets with their features, pros, cons, and everything in between. The best drawing tablets are designed to help unleash your inner artist and provide a way for you to show off all of your creative skills. I’ve reviewed the top 5 and included some pros and cons for each so that you can find the perfect one that fits your needs!

1. Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet

DisplayFull-Laminated Anti-Glare Display with IPS, 1920 x 1080 Pixel Resolution
Levels of Pressure Sensitivity8,192
PenStylus PW507, Battery-Free, Tilt Recognition
Compatible OSWindows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later
Weight2.6 lbs

Top 3 Features

The tablet comes with a full-laminated display with a high resolution of 1920 x 1080. The HD display boasts an anti-glare IPS panel which is pleasing to look at.
The PW507 is a battery-free pen, a huge convenience for any artist. It comes with 8,192 pressure levels and tilt recognition, making it one of the most comfortable pens you can use, especially with its unique design and grip.
The KAMVAS Pro 16 is 15.6” in size, which is considered the optimum size for all usages. It’s small and slim enough to be portable, but not so small that it’s hard to use. The tablet combines portability and practicality in the best way possible.

The Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 is the best drawing tablet that you can find today. It has everything you might be looking for, from an excellent display with high resolution to minimal parallax and a battery-free pen. It’s a tablet you can’t go wrong with.

A unique feature of the KAMVAS Pro 16 is that it comes with six programmable press keys that you can use as shortcuts for anything you want. It comes with a touch bar that is convenient for adjusting a brush size.

The tablet has minimal to no parallax, meaning that the distance between the pen’s tip and the display itself is insignificant. When the parallax is noticeable, it can cause errors or decrease accuracy when you’re drawing; that’s another reason this tablet is my top choice.

This is not a standalone device. You’ll have to connect it to a computer or a laptop. It has to stay connected to a power outlet, which decreases the tablet’s portability.

For connectivity, you can connect your tablet to your laptop through HDMI or USB-C, the most common ports in today’s laptops.

  • Minimum parallax
  • Programmable keys
  • No latency
  • 8,192 pressure levels
  • Slim design
  • Adjustable stand
  • Battery-free pen
  • Requires a power source
  • Pen’s nib is a little loose
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2. Huion KAMVAS 20 Drawing Tablet

DisplayAnti-Glare Display with IPS Technology, 1080 x 1920 Pixel Resolution
Levels of Pressure Sensitivity8,192
PenStylus PW507, Battery-Free, Tilt Recognition
Compatible OSWindows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later
Weight7.9 lbs

Top 3 Features

The tablet’s anti-glare display is comfortable on the eye and dramatically helps with the drawing process. Thanks to the IPS panel, the tablet has the wide viewing angles and vibrant colors necessary for any artist.
The Stylus PW507 pen comes with 8,192 pressure levels and tilt recognition so that the drawing process almost feels like using pen and paper. Not to mention, it’s battery-free. So, that’s one less device you’d need to worry about recharging.
The 19.5” display is an artist’s dream. Such a massive display guarantees the best drawing experience possible. Keep in mind that a 19.5” tablet won’t be portable or easy to carry around. So, if you plan to travel a lot, this is not the tablet for you.

Larger screens are a lot more convenient to use, and that’s why most artists prefer them. They allow you to see lots of meticulous details on the screen without zooming in and out. If that’s what you’re looking for, the Huion KAMVAS 20 should be your next drawing tablet.

The drawing tablet comes with an adjustable stand from 20 to 80 degrees, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect position that fits your setup. The tablet boasts wide viewing angles, thanks to its IPS display.

There’s a small bit of parallax, it’s nothing noticeable, and it won’t impact your drawing experience. To further ensure a seamless experience, the tablet comes with a response time of 25ms, meaning you’ll face no latency.

Similar to the KAVMAS Pro 16, this is not a standalone tablet. So, you’ll have to keep it connected to a laptop or a computer at all times. This shouldn’t be an issue, considering its large size; it’s not a portable tablet to start with.

The KAMVAS 20 offers an impressive variety of ports, including HDMI, USB, DP, and VGA ports. You have multiple methods of connecting your tablet to your laptop or an external monitor.

You’ve always wanted to be an artist. Channel your creative energy and unleash your inner Picasso with this drawing tablet! Meet the best-selling, most highly rated tablet that has rave reviews.

  • Affordable tablet
  • 8,192 pressure levels
  • Massive 19.5” screen
  • Easy to use
  • Battery-free pen
  • Adjustable stand
  • No programmable buttons
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3. Simbans PicassoTab 10 Inch Drawing Tablet 

DisplayIPS Display, 1280 x 800 Pixel Resolution
Levels of Pressure Sensitivity1,024
PenStylus, Battery-Powered
Compatible OSAndroid 9
Weight7.9 lbs
ProcessorMediaTek Quad-Core MTK8163

Top 3 Features

The tablet’s display resolution is 1280 x 800, it offers a beautiful crisp display owing to the IPS panel. Just beware that such a resolution could be a setback for most people.
Sadly, the pen isn’t the strongest suit of this tablet. It offers 1,024 pressure levels, quite limited compared to other products. The Stylus pen uses AAAA batteries, meaning it can easily run out of juice. You’d have to worry about charging the tablet and carrying around batteries for the pen.
The 10.1” Picasso Tab is both a blessing and a curse regarding the size. While the tablet is portable and easy to carry around, it’s not convenient for artists because it can be a little restricting.

As an Android tablet, the Simbans Picasso Tab offers other functionalities that no other tablet on this list does. You’ll be able to use your drawing tablet as an everyday device, in addition to its drawing capabilities. I’d say it’s the best multipurpose drawing tablet on the market.

The tablet comes with some preinstalled drawing applications like Autodesk, making it perfect for beginners who aren’t aware of where to start.

As an Android tablet, it comes with Google Play Store. You can download any application you’d like, and you’ll be able to use your tablet for drawing and day-to-day tasks.

The tablet comes with a MediaTek MTK8163 processor and 2GB of RAM that guarantees a seamless drawing experience with no lag or stutters for an excellent performance. It comes with 32GB of storage so that you can save your artwork easily.

The Picasso Tab is the most portable tablet on the list with its 5 hours of average battery life being an Android tablet. It’s the best drawing tablet if you like working on-the-go or while traveling.

The tablet comes with multiple connectivity options: micro-HDMI, USB-C and WiFi and Bluetooth.

  • Affordable tablet
  • Versatile
  • Crisp display
  • Portable
  • Android OS
  • Battery-powered pen
  • 1,024 pressure levels
  • Mediocre display resolution
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4. Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet 

DisplayScratch-Resistant Anti-Glare Display, 1920 x 1080 Pixel Resolution
Levels of Pressure Sensitivity8,192
PenWacom Pro Pen 2, Battery-Free, Tilt Recognition
Compatible OSWindows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later
Weight3.3 lbs

Top 3 Features

The tablet offers a scratch-resistant and anti-glare display that is both durable and easy on your eyes. It has a high display resolution of 1920 x 1080. So, you’re guaranteed a high-quality display.
The Wacom Pro Pen 2 comes with two programmable side buttons for whatever shortcut you’d like. Besides, it’s battery-free and features tilt recognition for the most realistic and comfortable drawing experience. Lastly, the pen offers 8,192 pressure levels.
With a 21.5” screen, the Wacom Cintiq is a dream come true to all artists and designers. Such a massive display allows you to unearth your boundless creativity. Despite the tablet’s large size, it’s still lightweight at just 3.3 lbs, so it doesn’t lose much portability.

The Wacom Cintiq 22 is an excellent choice for professional designers or artists who will be using the tablet daily. Its massive display takes the drawing process to a whole new level. The tablet can handle hours and hours of usage without heating up or throttling.

You could order an adjustable stand with the tablet to ensure your comfort at all times, with such a large size.

There’s some parallax, it’s distracting. With the tablet’s large display, you won’t even notice the parallax unless you’re looking for it. Besides, its response time is 22ms, so you’ll not be facing any latency while drawing.

Like most drawing tablets, the Wacom Cintiq 22 is not a standalone product; you’ll have to keep it connected to your laptop or computer at all times.

The tablet comes with a three-in-one cord that includes power connection and USB and HDMI ports.

  • 21.5” display
  • 8,192 pressure levels
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t heat up
  • Scratch-resistant screen
  • Battery-free pen
  • Expensive tablet
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5. Wacom One Digital Drawing Tablet

DisplayAnti-Glare Film, 1080 x 1920 Pixel Resolution
Levels of Pressure Sensitivity4,096
PenWacom One, Battery-Powered
Compatible OSWindows 7 or later, macOS 10.13 or later, some Android devices
Weight2.2 lbs

Top 3 Features

The tablet comes with an anti-glare film on the screen that helps reduce parallax. Besides, the display resolution is quite high for a tablet this size with 1920 x 1080 pixels, assuring a seamless experience.
The tablet’s Wacom One is one of a kind. Being battery-free, it’s a convenient pen to use daily. The pen truly mimics the feel of drawing on a piece of paper with the right amount of friction. It comes with 4,096 pressure levels for a seamless drawing experience.
The Wacom One’s unique size of 13.3” is a massive advantage. Such size is perfect for beginners since it’s not so big that it’s hard to use nor too small that you can’t see clearly.

The Wacom One has everything a beginner needs in a drawing tablet, starting from its medium-sized screen all the way to the Wacom One pen. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and has a beautiful display, making it the perfect drawing tablet for beginners.

The tablet comes with natural-surface friction so that you’ll feel like you’re drawing with pen and paper than on a slippery glass surface.

The tablet’s parallax is minimal, if there at all, meaning your drawing will be accurate. On top of that, it has a response time of 26ms for a seamless drawing experience.

The tablet gives its users limited free access to some designing software programs like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Bamboo Paper Pro, and Clip Studio Paint Pro. Such access is optimal for beginners because they’ll be able to experiment with different apps and techniques until they develop their taste.

The Wacom One must be connected to a laptop or a computer at all times to operate. The tablet offers multiple connectivity options. In addition to the necessary HDMI and USB ports, the tablet can be connected to certain Android devices using a third-party adaptor.

  • Excellent display
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to set up
  • 4,096 pressure levels
  • Battery-free pen
  • Lightweight
  • The cable is a little weak
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6. iPad Pro – Best Drawing Tablets from Apple

Display / Screen ResolutionEdge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with ProMotion, True Tone, and P3 wide color
Levels of Pressure SensitivityUnknown Sensitivity
PenApple Pencil Support
Compatible OSiPad OS
Weight1.41 lbs

Top 3 Features

Drawing apps are the iPad’s special feature, being able to choose from Autodesk Sketchbook, Adobe Photoshop Sketch or Adobe Fresco, you’re spoilt for choice.
The Apple Pencil is said to compete with current stylus’ on the market, reviews seem to be positive overall – it just takes some getting used to.
The 12.9″ display is more than adequate for drawing sketches but may require connecting to desktop equivalents to complete if working in a professional environment.

You may be asking yourself how has a non professional drawing tablet like the iPad pro managed to end up on a list of tablets for drawing? While it may not be a dedicated drawing tablet it does come with the Apple Pencil which boasts pixel-perfect precision. The iPad Pro does not share the pen pressure levels – but they do reveal that it competes with current stylus pens.

Tilt sensitivity is supported with the iPad Pro Apple Pencil, but that’s it – no rotation. A workaround is to rotate the graphics tablet, with a screen size of 12.9″ is easy to do but not really how an artist draws.

Replaceable Tips are an option on the Apple Pencil but you can get one style of tip, nothing to replicate the feel of a brush or more natural drawing tool. Some artists have gone to lengths to change the style of the tip, inspiring creativity which could lead to more commercial solutions being released in future.

Any professional artist will tell you they prefer to be in touch with the canvas, which is hard to do with the iPad’s glossy surface. The eraser, which needs a double-tap to activate, takes a bit of getting used to. One tip, if you want to use a screen protector, don’t go for a glass one, use the Paperlike screen protector.

  • Great to draw on
  • No delay or lag from drawing
  • Exceptional screen quality
  • Perfect screen size for drawing
  • Ideal for beginners to drawing or professionals
  • Apple drawing pencil available separately
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7. Intuos Pro – Wacom PTH660 for Mac or PC

The Intuos Pro is a phenomenal tablet for artists. With 1,700+ positive reviews, it’s Amazon’s choice product.

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Honorable Mentions for Aspiring or Professional Digital Artists

The following list of tablets are also worth considering:

  1. XENCELABS Drawing Tablet
  2. XP-PEN Artist 24 Pro 23.8″
  3. Apple iPad Air
  4. HUION Inspiroy Dial Q620M Wireless Drawing Tablet
  5. XP-PEN Artist 12
  6. GAOMON PD1560 Drawing Tablet

How to Pick a Tablet for Drawing

Drawing tablets have been a blessing to artists as they allow them to take their creativity and graphic designs to the next level. They provide you with a way of drawing your creations on your laptop or computer tablet which can be edited at any time. When it comes to choosing the right tablet for drawing, there are many options that can make it difficult. Different sizes, pen types, connections and much more make this decision no easy feat.

It’s important though that you know what you’re looking for before making this purchase: do you want an easel or handheld device? The size matters – will this be used at home or by professionals with large computers? Then there’s connectivity: some models connect through cables while others use WiFi- how often will this need to happen (or even just have access)?

Before committing to a drawing tablet, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration in order to find the perfect tablet for your needs.


Drawing tablets come in various sizes that can be as small as 10” and as large as 20”, making choosing the right size a little tricky.

If you prefer drawing on-the-go and want something you can carry around easily, you should go for a small tablet, typically around 10”-15”.

In addition to being portable, small-sized tablets can fit in small offices or rooms, making them perfect for beginners or students.

On the other hand, larger tablets around 16”-20” take your drawing experience to a whole new level. They allow you to see much more of the picture on the screen without having to zoom in and out constantly.


The pen can easily make or break the tablet. Each tablet has its unique pen or a dedicated selection of compatible pens. You’ll want to go for one that has an outstanding pressure sensitivity level to mimic the feel of a real pen. You don’t want to scrimp on the pen pressure sensitivity.

Generally, I strongly recommend going for a battery-free pen. They are much more convenient because you wouldn’t have to worry about recharging them or carrying batteries at all times.

Besides, some pens come with programmable side buttons, and some don’t come with buttons at all. You should have a general idea of what you prefer and whether those buttons will help or restrict you.


Besides the tablet’s size, the display is an essential factor. Always try going for a high-resolution tablet, around 1920 x 1080 or higher. As for color try to get something with good Adobe RGB coverage for vibrant colors and color accuracy.

Working with a drawing tablet means you need every detail possible to be clear and crisp; that’s why the tablet’s resolution is critical.

Make sure that the panel is anti-glare with wide viewing angles for the best experience possible.


The parallax is the distance between the tip of the pen and the displayed picture. Think of it like looking into a mirror, how much distance is between you and your image.

A larger parallax means you’ll lose a lot of accuracy and precision when drawing. Not to mention, it won’t give you a genuine feel of drawing.

Drawing tablets allow graphic design artists’ creative skills to flourish by giving them an opportunity to draw on their tablet screen with a stylus like they would with pen and paper. They allow users to touch up or edit existing designs and input new ones into programs such as Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have written a totally separate guide on learning and understanding how drawing tablets work, feel free to have a read.

What is the Difference Between a Graphics Tablet and a Drawing Tablet?

The main difference is that drawing tablets have a display that you can draw on. On the other hand, graphics tablets don’t have a display. All you do is draw on their surface, and they project on your computer or laptop.

Does a Graphic Designer Need a Drawing Tablet?

Not necessarily. A lot of graphic designers are completely fine with using just a mouse and a keyboard. A drawing tablet would make the design process easier if you’re used to drawing on pen and paper.

Why are Drawing Tablets so Hard?

There’s definitely a learning curve when it comes to using drawing tablets. Drawing on a glass surface is different from drawing on a piece of paper, and mimicking that feeling could be quite difficult. That’s why drawing on a tablet could be a little hard at first, but you’ll get used to it.

How Long Do Drawing Tablets Last?

That depends on many factors, starting with the quality of the tablet itself to how much you use it in a day. On average, a drawing tablet should last around five years.


By this point in the article, you should have a solid understanding of what kind of tablet you prefer, or you already must’ve settled on one. Here’s a quick memory refresh of my top three picks.

The Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 is my top pick for multiple reasons. The tablet is perfect, whether you’re a beginner or an expert with its high-resolution display and battery-free pen. Not to mention, its 15.6” display is ideal for any setup.

The Huion KAMVAS 20 is deservingly my runner-up with its massive 19.5” screen. On top of that, it has a beautiful high-resolution display that’ll never fail to please your eyes.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a versatile tablet that can be used as a regular day-to-day tablet besides drawing, that Simbans PicassoTab is the one for you.