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Laptop & Tech Recycling Program

There are many people that want to buy the latest laptops and tech equipment on the market while recycling their old tech products. This can be due to the fact that upgrading to a better performing product which saves energy consumption, is better made and longer lasting simply makes sense. Many also just want the latest tech products to hit the market.

For many people, they want to recycle their old tech and provides this service for them. They are aware of the need to recycle and encourage people to do so whenever they are wanting to purchase something new and get rid of their old & outdated products.

Nextbook Is Proud To Recycle

Our website is proud to support recycling all electronics products and accessories. Here are answers to some of the questions that are frequently asked about recycling electronics so that they are able to do so easily and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Process For Recycling?

Old tablets, laptops and accessories can be returned for recycling. There is no charge for using the service and there are only three steps that need to be followed.

Get the print label, pack the product, and take it to the correct shipping location. Any mail carrier can be used in order to do this so it makes it really convenient for the customer to recycle when it comes to getting rid of old electronic products & devices.

Any shipping company can be used, however, most companies only provide a free shipping label for USPS and not other carriers.

How Are Old Laptops Recycled?

When laptops or tablets are sent in to be recycled, old ones are sent to the recycling centers. It is there that they are broken down into saleable parts like plastic. Sometimes the old products are rebuilt into ones that can be sold as refurbished laptops, tablets, etc.

Which Electronics Products Can Be Recycled?

Any electronics products can be recycled. This includes tablets, laptops, tech gear and accessories. People should not throw them away but rather make a very small effort to send them back to recycling centers so that they can be recycled in a very safe and environmentally friendly way.

Will The Package Hold The Device / Laptop?

Yes, the package is made to hold the product well. It will hold tech products in a safe way while it is shipped. The whole process is very simple because once the printing label is printed, it can easily be placed it on the package, and then can be dropped off at the post office or another carrier.

It is free to do. Remember, using a different shipper is not always covered so will need to be paid for. That is why it is recommended that printing labels provided are used so that no costs are incurred when returning a product. It is simple and easy to do.

Is Laptop Recycling Justified?

Absolutely. Recycling is justified and it helps to keep electronic waste down and protect the environment. By recycling, companies are able to utilize the broken down parts for other products. By helping to protect the environment, the earth will be safer for everyone to use in the future.

Other Questions

If there are any other questions about the recycling program that have not been answered here, please contact us directly. Our experts will answer any questions.

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