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How To Get Computer Screen Back To Normal Size

Are you frustrated with your computer screen being too large or too small? Do you need to know how to get it back to the correct size? Having a screen of the wrong size can be incredibly annoying, and can make it difficult to do simple tasks on your computer. Don’t worry, though, this article will walk you through the steps necessary for getting your computer screen back to its normal size.

First, you’ll need to identify what type of display device is connected to your computer. There are several types, each requiring different steps for resetting the size. If your display device is a monitor connected via a VGA port, then there are some settings adjustments that will help you adjust the size of your screen. If, however, your display device is an LCD connected via an HDMI cable, then you’ll need to utilize specific software tools to reset the size.

When you figure out what type of display device is connected to your computer, the next step is to use the right methods to change its settings or use special software tools to get it back to its normal size. This article will provide detailed instructions on how to do just that! So if you’re having trouble with an awkwardly sized screen, keep reading and find out how easy it can be to get things back in order.

1. Identifying The Problem

Identifying the problem is an important first step when it comes to computer troubleshooting. It can be difficult to determine what is causing your screen to appear differently than usual, but it’s essential to take stock of what happened before the issue arose.

Taking note of any changes you made or updates you installed recently can help provide clues as to how you can address the issue and get your screen back to normal size. With this information, you’ll be able to figure out which steps you need to take to restore your screen settings. Researching solutions online can also provide constructive advice, so make sure you check out tutorials and support forums if necessary. Taking all of these steps will ensure that your computer issue is solved quickly and efficiently.

2. Adjusting Settings For Windows And macOS

Have you ever been surfing the web or playing a game and suddenly, your computer screen is too big? It can be a frustrating experience, so how do you get back to the normal size? Let’s explore adjusting settings for both Windows and macOS.

If you use Windows, there are several options for changing your screen size. The first option is to hit the Ctrl and – keys together to decrease the magnification of your screen. Alternatively, if you want to adjust it more precisely, you can go to your display settings in the Control Panel. From here, you can choose from many predefined resolution sizes or manually adjust it by sliding the slider left and right.

For Mac users, open System Preferences and then Display. Here, you’ll see various options for scaling your display size up or down. You can also try clicking on Scaled and then selecting one of the recommended resolutions listed. If none of these look correct, scroll down and select Custom Resolution to manually adjust it as needed until it’s back to normal.

No matter which operating system you use, with a few clicks you can easily adjust your computer screen size and have it looking as good as new again!

3. Adjusting Text Scaling

Believe it or not, the solution to getting your computer screen back to normal size could be as simple as adjusting a few settings! While you may have previously tried adjusting the settings on Windows and macOS, this technique of adjusting text scaling may just be the answer.

But who would’ve thought? After all, we were so used to looking at our computer screens in their oddly distorted sizes that we never considered scaling down the text size as an option. Making such a minor change can have a surprisingly large effect on restoring your screen’s original state.

So take a few minutes, adjust your text scaling and see if it works – you might just be pleasantly surprised with the result!

4. Adjusting The Resolution

It is possible that adjusting the resolution of your computer screen will get it back to its normal size. To test this theory, try changing the resolution settings. This can be done by opening your control panel and selecting ‘Display’ or ‘Screen Resolution’. Then, select the recommended resolution for your monitor from the list provided.

If you don’t know what the recommended resolution for your monitor is, you can look up the specifications online. If adjusting the resolution does not bring the screen back to its normal size, then you may need to adjust the text scaling instead. Whatever adjustment you make should bring your computer screen back to its normal size.

5. Troubleshooting Strategies

Troubleshooting computer settings can be like exploring a vast, uncharted wilderness. You have to have the right tools and knowledge to navigate the terrain and find your way back to safety. In the case of resolving an incorrect screen size setting, there are several strategies you can try.

The most basic approach is to check the display settings on your computer. Many times, resetting the resolution will restore your screen size back to its original state. If this doesn’t work, however, you might need to adjust the refresh rate of your monitor or change more advanced settings in your video card setup. If you’re unsure how to do any of these things, you may need to consult the manual that came with your computer or contact technical support for help.

Sometimes other programs running on your computer can interfere with display settings as well, so it’s also worth checking if any new software has been installed recently that might be causing issues with your screen size settings. Uninstalling these programs may resolve the problem without needing further intervention. Whatever troubleshooting method you choose, it’s important to take it step-by-step and be mindful of any changes you make so that you can easily undo them if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Adjust The Size Of My Computer Screen?

The size of our computer screen can have a profound impact on the way we interact with our digital world. But how do we adjust the size of our screen to get it back to a comfortable level?

Let’s look at the different methods for adjusting our computer screen. Most modern desktop computers allow you to manually adjust the size of your display through your operating system’s display settings. On Windows machines, this is usually found in the ‘Display’ section of the Control Panel. Similarly, on Mac computers, you can find an option in System Preferences called ‘Displays’. This is probably the easiest and most straightforward way to adjust your screen size.

Another option is to use keyboard shortcuts if your display supports it. On Windows machines, press and hold down both Ctrl + Alt keys and then press one of the arrow keys (up/down/left/right) until you have achieved your desired size. On Macs, press Command + Option + 8 simultaneously and then use the arrow keys until you reach the desired size. Whichever method you choose, be sure to save any changes before exiting out of your display settings, or else they won’t take effect!

How Do I Reset My Computer Screen To Its Default Settings?

Did you know that the average adult spends nearly 6 hours a day on their computer? With so much time spent on our screens, it’s no surprise that at some point, we may need to reset our computer screen settings back to default. If this is the case for you, here are the steps to take.

First, head over to your computer’s ‘Display Settings’. This can usually be found in the control panel or settings menu. Once you locate it, scroll down until you find the option that says ‘Reset Display settings’. Click on this and confirm your choice when prompted. Your screen will then automatically reset itself back to its original size and position.

You can download a dedicated display calibration software from the internet if you are still having trouble with your display settings after trying this method. These programs can quickly and easily restore your screen defaults with just a few clicks.

What Software Do I Need To Make Changes To My Computer Screen?

When it comes to changing your computer screen, the type of software you need depends on the operating system your computer is running. For Windows or Mac, there are many programs you can use. Some of these programs come with the operating system itself, while others require a separate download.

Once you have the software installed, you can adjust settings such as resolution and color depth for your laptop or desktop monitor. You can also change brightness, contrast, and gamma settings to get your screen back to its normal size. With some programs, you can even customize shortcuts so that adjusting screen settings becomes easier and more efficient over time.

Are There Any Other Options For Changing The Size Of My Screen?

When it comes to changing the size of the computer screen, there are a few other options. One option is to adjust the monitor settings. This can be done by accessing the display settings on the computer and adjusting them manually. Additionally, certain monitors allow users to make changes on the actual device itself with buttons or dials.

A second option is to use keyboard shortcuts. These are typically specific combinations of keys that can quickly change settings without having to go through menus and settings. It’s important to note that these shortcuts vary from one operating system to another, so it’s important to research which ones work for your computer before attempting them.

No matter what method you choose, you should be able to get your computer screen back to its normal size in no time.

What Is The Best Way To Adjust The Brightness Of My Computer Screen?

Seeing the world clearly in all its glory can be a bit tricky when your computer screen is either too bright or too dim. To get the optimal experience, you need to know the best way to adjust the brightness of your computer screen. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

It’s important to get familiar with your monitor settings. This is where you’ll find options that allow you to change different aspects of how your monitor functions. From there, you can tinker around and find out what settings work best for you.

Worth mentioning that some monitors come with extra features such as automatic brightness adjustment and night mode, which can help make finding the perfect brightness level even easier. Keep an eye out for those if they are available.

Once you’ve got a handle on how everything works, adjusting your screen brightness becomes a piece of cake! All you have to do is tweak the settings until the display looks just right – no more squinting at a glare-filled screen or straining your eyes to make sense of an overly dark image. With a few simple steps, you’re well on your way towards getting a crystal clear view of what’s on your monitor!


In conclusion, adjusting the size of your computer screen is a great way to customize your viewing experience. With a few simple steps, you can easily reset your screen back to its original settings or make subtle changes to fit your preferences. Whether you need to adjust the brightness or resize the window, there are many options available to help you achieve the perfect view.

Overall, fine-tuning the size of your computer screen is like opening up a brand-new world of possibilities. Unlocking this feature allows you to dive into a sea of vibrant colors and sharper images that will make any task easier and more enjoyable. So don’t be afraid to take the plunge and explore all the visuals that await you on your monitor!

So if you’re looking for a way to improve your user experience without breaking the bank, look no further than adjusting the size of your computer screen. With just a few clicks of a button, you can open up a world of possibilities that will brighten any day and enhance any project!