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Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme Laptop Review

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By Matt Smith

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Review

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Laptop
9.4/10 Our Rating

The third generation of the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme offers some bright spots and a few black marks, but the result is still impressive. The processors are improved, the display is eye-catching and the design is still anything but complex.

 A combination of the Intel Core i7-10750 CPU and the NVIDIA GeForce 1650 Ti graphics card that drive this i7 laptop is surely a turbo-booster…and a battery drainer too.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme – Complete Review

lenovo thinkpad X1 extreme overview


The Lenovo Thinkpad X1 extreme wears a  look that we have all come to associate with the Thinkpad brand. The chassis is a sturdy, glass-fiber reinforced plastic build, polished to a non-shimmering smoothness. It is essentially still the same ‘black box’ design as its predecessors.

The hinge has a distinctive feature, it can be bent far enough to make the screen parallel to the keyboard. As the X1 Extreme is offered in a variety of panel options, the 4K panel display now sports a delicate carbon fiber weave on its lid.

Ports and Connections

For a lot of people, the number of ports and connectors in this laptop may seem inadequate. There are two USB 3.2 Gen 1(with one always on), 2 USB-C 3.2 Gen 2( that supports Thunderbolt 3/Display port), a Headphone/microphone combo jack, and an HDMI.

A card reader slot that can read SD Cards, SDHC Cards, and SDXC Cards is also thrown into the mix.


This laptop is rolled out in its native IPS Full HD display resolution, which is 1080p. It might not be the modern standard, but it still holds up quite well. For a 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution, you get a display that is both crisp and clear, with wide viewing angles and minimal color distortion.

The display also features a brightness of 300 nits, 16:9 aspect ratio, and a non-glossy matte-black screen that blends well to set it up perfectly for use in bright areas. If Full HD is good then 4k is even better, and luckily for us, there is a configuration of this laptop that uses the 4k (Ultra HD) panel.

You get double the quality of full HD when you use the 4k panel display (The logic: Full HD is also known as 2K). There is a webcam in the mix too, and it sports a 720p camera that can be deactivated via a webcam Shutter.

lenovo thinkpad X1 extreme display

Keyboard and Clickpad

The keyboard is an area of strength for the Thinkpad, with its keys having long travel distances and firm tactile feedback. The night-typists will also like its optional LED backlighting, while the coffee enthusiasts will love its spill resistance, and there is even more.

The keyboard accommodates the numeric keypad, multimedia fn keys, and the call-control keys (F9-F11), while its center holds the Trackpoint that is as nostalgic as it is functional. The clickpad is mid-sized, gives good feedback, and is smooth enough to facilitate accurate cursor movements. In essence, this keyboard is packed to the rafters with a variety of navigation and handling options.

Look closely and you’ll find a fingerprint reader that helps to add extra security to the laptop.


The audio is supported by the Dolby Atmos sound system, which means you get an equalizer, a trio of magnetic speakers, and a customization tool to boot. The Dolby software allows you to play around with music, games, movies, and dynamic presets. The audio from the bottom-firing speakers is short on bass and is fairly loud, but it still packs enough punches to fill the room. There is also a microphone and headphone jack for users who want to be closer to the music.


The processors that power this laptop leave a trail of heat in their wake, and this laptops’ cooling system looks to be ill-equipped to handle the toil. The fans spin almost uncontrollably when subjected to CPU-intensive tasks while the temperature peaks at 44dB(A). A more effective alternative to the present system is surely being developed for use in subsequent editions of the ThinkPad extreme, hopefully.


The NVIDIA GeForce 1650 Ti graphics card will guarantee you accelerated and uninterrupted performance for most of your tasks. This GPU might trigger the fans a tad too quickly when it is in the thick of the action, but it is thankfully not a battery power guzzler. Powered by Intel UHD graphics, this ThinkPad can afford to play some of the not too demanding games without the odd drop in performance levels or display resolution. The Witcher 3 can be played at very decent frame rates without experiencing any in-game distortion or lag times.

lenovo thinkpad X1 extreme graphics


The battery is not too impressive, and that is despite its 80wh of internal battery. It does have a runtime of 15.6hrs and also benefits from the devices’ rapid-charging technology to reach 80% from zero in just about an hour. The battery bears the brunt of the laptops’ powerful processors, so we can cut it some slack.


There are very few complaints about the performance levels of this laptop. It is equipped with the Intel Core i7-10750H from Comet Lake generation (14 nm). Its six cores and 12 threads supply it with the raw power and speed to take on intensive tasks for a sustained period without caving in. This processor has a base clock speed of 2.6GHz and as it gets support from the PCIe-SSD it is able to read and execute data at a blistering pace.

Final verdict

The Thinkpad X1 Extreme might not get its own four minutes of fame in space(maybe more), but it still gets top marks for its efficient processors, brilliant display, and excellent input devices. There are some significant downsides; the battery is a disservice to this laptop and the cooling system needs an overhaul. Still, this laptop does enough to get premium status recognition from us.

Device specifications


Intel Hexa Core i7-10750H


32 GB

Memory Speed     

‎2133 MHz


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti 4GB


1TB Solid State Drive


15.6 inches

Operating System

Windows 10 Home

Battery Life

15 hours


3.75 lbs

Product Dimensions       

‎14.2 x 9.7 x 0.7 inches

Max Screen Resolution