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Nextbook 10.1 Budget Tablet Laptop

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By Matt Smith

The Nextbook 10.1 tablet hybrid is a sleek device that packs in a lot of power in a small size. As the name suggests, it comes with a 10.1-inch screen but the real surprise is the quality of the screen. It is an IPS screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800. Since it’s a touchscreen, you can play with this hybrid tablet with your fingers or a stylus.

Features: An Amazing Tablet Laptop for Less Than A Few Hundred Dollars

Even though this product is no longer being produced we thought anyone interested could still read through the specifications of this tablet, of course for a little extra you could get your hands on the best laptop under $300 with plenty more storage space (SSD) along with a 14″ display screen.

Compact Design

In terms of looks, you’re not going to be vowed by it, but that’s not why you got it. It looks plain but that 10.1 inch display really shines. All the ports which include a micro USB port, a micro HDMI port, a combo headphone/microphone jack, a microSD slot and the power slot are on the left. In terms of thickness, it is just 0.39 inches thick. It is extremely easy to carry around as it weighs just 1.4 pounds though the total weight goes up to 2.97 pounds when you attach the included Pogo keyboard.


It is powered by Intel Atom quad core processor with highest clock speed of 1.83 GHz. You also get 1 GB of DDR 3L RAM in this package along with 32 GB of on-board storage. You can always increase the storage up to 64 GB with the help of microSD card. The processor provides enough power for you to comfortably stream videos, browse the Internet or play games. Also, you get a one year subscription of Office 365 personal which means you get full access to all the MS Office productivity tools including Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and more. You also get 1 TB of Onedrive online storage.

Display Quality

This hybrid tablet really shines in this aspect as you get 338 nits of brightness on this 10.1 inch touchscreen. Since the display is bright, you get to experience more vibrant colors as compared to similar sized tablets.

Audio Quality

In terms of volume, it works but don’t expect too much from it. In terms of audio quality, you get decent quality which can be expected from a hybrid tablet of this size selling at this particular price point.

Operating System

You get Windows 8.1 with this tablet hybrid. As mentioned above, you also get access to a year of office 365 which means you get free access to all the productivity apps from Microsoft. The office 365 package also comes with 1 TB of online cloud storage.


It features a 0.3 MP camera in the front and a 2 MP camera in the back. While you won’t really want to brag about these specs but these just work for many of the popular online video chat apps.


This hybrid tablet comes equipped with 3 axis G sensor allowing you an immersive experience when playing games on this tablet.


You get 6000 MAH of internal battery which should give you a run time of more than 6 hours which is typically enough for most people.


In terms of performance, this hybrid tablet has been designed to be a fun device that allows you to play games, watch movies or browse the Internet. You can also use it to check your social media profiles or to send and read emails.

You obviously wouldn’t be using it for editing your videos or photos as this device isn’t designed for that. It’s a fun device that works great as a secondary laptop or as a useful device for students.


It is an impressive little device with a high-quality IPS display and a bigger Pogo keyboard. It features Windows 8.1 which means you get access to all the window apps and other productivity features. You also get 1 year of access to Office 365. Overall, it’s an impressive device that allows you to do a lot of things in a compact package.