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NextBook 10 – Best for Drawing & Illustration

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By Matt Smith

Versatility With The Nextbook 10 Tablet [This product is no longer available. However, we have kept the details for current owners]

There are many tablets that can be found on the market. They all boast a variety of features, but which one should you pick? A tablet that can do a bit of everything is the best option, and the Nextbook 10 tablet is one such tablet.

If you’ve been searching for a tablet that can deliver the power you need at an affordable price, then the Nextbook 10 is the perfect tablet for you. This device combines the form of a tablet and a laptop by taking a 10.1 inch screen with a 1280×800 resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio and putting it in a sleek body with under three pounds of weight. It’s a tablet that’s lightweight enough to take anywhere and enjoy.

Inside the Nextbook 10 is an Intel® Atom™ Quad-Core Z3735F processor that runs at 1.8GHZ, 1GB of DDR3L RAM, and 32GB of internal storage that expands via a micro-SD slot to 64GB. It features Windows 8.1 as an operating system and features support for Bluetooth 4.0 and WIFI 802.11 b/g/n to connect to devices and networks in and out of the home.

Communicating via video chat or taking photos of important moments its easy on the Nextbook 10 since it has two 2.0MP cameras, one on the front and the other on the back, in addition to a built in microphone. The tablet can also be connected to other devices via a micro-HDMI input. A Pogo keyboard comes with the tablet and features a USB port connection to provide a full mouse and keyboard set up for use with various applications.

Impressive Drawing Inputs With Touch-Screen Technology

The screen of the Nextbook 10 is no ordinary screen, as it’s an IPS display with a capacitive touch surface. This provides the Netxbook 10 with accurate colors at various angles and the ability to use a stylus or finger for input. A great tablet for drawing, where students and professionals can use the screen to make quick annotations with a few simple strokes, and artists can use it to turn their ideas into beautiful digital drawings.

Perfect for Productivity

In addition to having Windows 8.1 installed, the Nextbook 10 includes a year subscription of Office 365 Personal. This services normally costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year, and allows all users to access Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and other Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft’s cloud storage platform, known as Microsoft OneDrive, comes with the subscription and grants users 1TB of storage space for any of their documents, photos, and videos.

Great for Budget Gaming Stations

Users who want to take the best gaming laptops on the go will enjoy the Nextbook 10 tablet’s ability to display HD content, and when using the micro-HDMI port, all content can be seen on bigger screens. The tablet supports the use of 3-axis G-sensor, accelerometer technology that can track positions, movement, and orientation, allow for immersive gaming experiences that would otherwise be impossible while using traditional inputs.

Keyboard and Touchpad Interface

The Pogo keyboard connects to the Nextbook 10 tablet via a magnetic connection and five pins. It’s powered by the tablet itself and is 1.57 pounds, which doesn’t add much extra weight to the overall package. Mouse inputs can be made through the keyboard’s touchpad, which is 3.25 by 1.8 inches. The matte finish of the touchpad offers a smooth, yet responsive input surface with areas for left and right clicking.

Battery Life

Inside of the Nextbook 10 is a 9000 MAH Internal rechargeable battery. Under normal usage, the batter can lasts from 7 to 8 hours, which is in line with many tablets of it’s kind, but also longer than some less efficient models. Battery life may vary when performing activities that push the processor, such as playing games. It can take around four hours for the tablet to full charge, and while doing so it can still be used normally. An indicator light will appear while the tablet is connected to the AC adapter and charging.

The Nextbook 10 tablet is the perfect all around device for anyone who wants to do a little bit of everything. It can do work, play videos, be used for communication, and even play games on the go. For around $219.99, the Nextbook 10 is a great buy that covers every base.