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Nextbook 8 Tablet Laptop Info

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By Matt Smith

The Nextbook 8 was a very sleek and compact tablet with enough power to satisfy even semi-power users. Because it comes with the Windows 8.1 operating system, it makes for a great option for anyone who is looking for a tablet that works well with Microsoft’s services and with other Microsoft devices. This tablet won’t outperform the best-in-class laptops such as the intel i9 laptop range from popular manufacturers such as Apple and MSI, however it’s a solid tablet which is fit for purpose.

Stand Out Features

  1. Good Display

One of the best features of this tablet has to be its WXGA display with a (1280×800) resolution. Best of all, it features a 16:10 aspect ratio. Therefore, it makes playing and viewing media content a joy without detracting from being able to get work done. 16:10 is a good balance between productivity and play.

  1. Portable

The tablet was designed as an 8-inch powerhouse that is capable of delivering the full Windows experience. The entire package weighs less than a pound. Therefore, it can make for the perfect tablet companion for anyone whether you are using it for business or pleasure. Its lightweight nature makes carrying the tablet around and even holding it with one hand very manageable.

  1. Micro-HDMI Connection

Because the tablet features an onboard Micro-HDMI port, you are going to be able to hook up other devices to it. This will allow you to connect your tablet directly to your TV which can help you play content directly from your tablet on your big screen television. This is something that is extremely useful whether you are in a hotel and you want to use your tablet as a streaming box for the TV or if you are in a business presentation and you are looking to use your tablet to run a PowerPoint.

  1. 3-Axis G-Sensor

Are you one of the millions who like to play games on your phone and/or tablet? If so, this tablet is an incredible device to do so with. It is lightweight and offers a form factor that can be easily maneuvered. At the same time, it offers a large enough screen for an immersive experience. However, it is the inclusion of the 3-Axis G-Sensor that really makes it great. This sensor is a gyroscope which means you can utilize in-game mechanics that take advantage of device movement including tilting, shaking, and even rotating the device to perform actions.

  1. Includes Office 365

Unlike the tablets that are sold that are over 10-inches, you get a full 1-year of Microsoft Office 365 included with the purchase of this tablet. This was a very big incentive for anyone to opt for a Windows-based tablet under 10-inches where Microsoft was attempting to penetrate the market.

Considering a lot of users are likely students and business people, it is a big selling point as a subscription to Office 365 isn’t cheap. Having access to this means you get 1TB of OneDrive storage included right from the start. This can enhance your tablet experience and turn it into even more of a productive and media powerhouse.

After all, you can take on full spreadsheets and create visually stunning PowerPoints for a presentation and you can even write essays using Microsoft Word on it. While you only get it for a year, you can pay for Office 365 and get full integration with the tablet because it has Windows 8.1 operating system on it.

This was and remains a fantastic device. For its time, it offered some of the best value on the market considering it is a fully-featured Windows 8.1 device that has full integration with all things Microsoft.

Best of all, the specifications made it possible to utilize all of the features it offered. To this day, the tablet is capable of running multiple browser tabs at once and doing multitasking making it a good option for anyone looking for something that has a good balance of work and play.