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Nextbook Ares 8 Tablet

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By Matt Smith

Features And Specs For The Nextbook Ares 8 Tablet – This product is no longer manufactured but we have kept this information for anyone needing specifications.

The Ares 8 is the entry-level tablet from Nextbook. It’s one of the most affordable tablets on the market while still being able to perform any task necessary. The Ares 8 is an 8-inch device, which means that it can fit comfortably in a single hand for extended use. It combines the ultra-portable frame of a smartphone with the powerful processing capabilities of a laptop.

Enhanced Tablet Reading & OS

The Ares 8 is shipped with the Android operating system 5.1 Lollipop. Lollipop is a refined and efficient OS with a strong focus on multitasking. The smooth process control of Lollipop combined with the raw power of the Intel Atom 1.8Ghz Quad-Core CPU makes this a powerful work tool for editing documents or PowerPoints. You will be able to seamlessly transition from reading a PDF to visiting a website or to playing music.

You might think that an 8-inch screen is a step back from the large devices that dominate the market today. Controlling the screen size helps make the Ares 8 a highly affordable device as well as one that is lightweight and comfortable. The screen is large enough to edit documents with precision and watch movies without straining the eyes. Meanwhile, it can fit comfortably in the palm of your hands while you do these things. The 8-inch screen is the perfect compromise for savvy shoppers who want size and comfort.


The Ares 8 has everything you would expect from an expensive tablet without the price tag. That includes the latest hardware and the newest software.

  1. Capture Life’s Moments On The Go

This tablet is designed to stay with you while you’re on the go. It’s not like other tablets that you need to leave in the car while you hike in the wilderness. It weighs less than two pounds and can fit comfortably in most pockets. You can bring it with you on all of your adventures and capture some of life’s greatest moments. The Ares 8 features dual cameras with a 2.0 MP camera on the rear and a 0.3 MP front-facing camera.

You’ll have a variety of options for storing, saving, and sharing all of the photos and videos that you capture. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity makes it possible to transfer saved files to a home computer or laptop. You can upload the photos and videos to a cloud storage system using the integrated Wi-Fi. Or you could take advantage of the Ares 8’s microSD slot and save the photos to a removal SD card. The choice is entirely yours.

  1. The Best In Mobile Gaming

The Nextbook Ares 8 packs an impressive 800 x 1280 pixels into its 8-inch tablet screen. You’ll enjoy a series of crisp, defined frames while watching movies or playing games. The powerful Intel ATOM CPU and 1GB DDR3L RAM deliver the best in mobile gaming. You’ll be able to play your favorite games in HD with a pleasant 16:0 ratio. And the best part is that the tablet won’t feel heavy or awkward to hold.

On the inside of the Ares 8 is an updated 3-axis G-sensor. Many new games are incorporating G sensors into their gameplay. Investing in the Ares 8 is a great way to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology.

Affordable And Functional

The Nextbook Ares 8 is a smart investment for anyone interested in an affordable, reliable, and functional tablet. It’s capable of playing the latest mobile games and running the newest office software. It has dual cameras with a variety of different storage options. All of this while remaining considerably more affordable than other tablets on the market.

This is the perfect entry-level tablet for a first-time owner. It comes prepared with a quick start guide, an instruction manual, and everything needed to start the tablet for the first time. It’s great for kids who enjoy gaming on their tablets and adults who want a tablet they can comfortably take to work.

Extra Specs And Features

  • Android 5.1 OS
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0
  • 8-inch Screen @ 800 x 1280 resolution
  • 2.0 MP Rear Camera/0.3 MP Front Camera
  • 3-axis G-Sensor Supported
  • 16GB of Internal Memory
  • MicroSD Slots for Added Memory
  • Micro-HDMI port