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Nextbook Flexx 10

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By Matt Smith

For many consumers, the idea of owning a ‘hybrid PC’ is one that is extremely attractive. These PC’s feature a removable screen and separate keyboard meaning that they can function as both a traditional laptop – and, where necessary a tablet.

However, finding a hybrid PC that has the specifications that make it ideal for both home and business use – and will not break the bank can be an enormous challenge. Fortunately, the task is not impossible.

Companies such as Nextbook built their reputation on providing even the most demanding of business or home user with machines that not only boast great performance but also are sleek and attractive. One such product is the Nextbook Flexx-10, although it’s no longer in production we have kept the product specs in place.

The Nextbook Flexx 11A has what it takes under its undeniably attractive exterior. It is perfect for those who are highly mobile and want to enjoy the convenience and power to watch streaming video, do presentations, or play their favorite games.

In fact, this little powerhouse can match its bigger laptop brethren when it comes to functionality. The ability to enjoy a high-resolution experience comes courtesy of the generous 10.1-inch PIS screen with a more than adequate 1280×800 resolution. The 16.10 aspect ratio means that a cinema-style visual experience is part of the package.

This sort of screen (and its high-resolution capability) means that its cross-over nature is perfect for those who want to share in a multimedia experience with the family – and still have a piece of technology that will double as a business machine that is incredibly versatile thanks to the removable touchscreen.

Powered by the well respected Intel® BayTrail-T CR quad-core processor (not sure which is better, quad core or dual core?) overlayed with the Windows 10 interface the Nextbook-Flexx-10 offers performance that holds its own when compared to the latest laptops on the market – all in a package that weighs less than 3 pounds.

The Flexx-10 is supplied with a standard 32GB of internal memory – but for those who want extra performance, this can be easily expanded to 64GB through the addition of a microSD (easily fitted via the onboard slot). On-the-go functionality is further enhanced via the onboard WiFi and Bluetooth capability which both contribute to the versatility of the unit for those who want to interconnect with other devices and enjoy data transfer via at-home connectivity or in remote destinations.

Access to external data is also enhanced by the ability to use the onboard USB (two standard 2.0 USB ports) and microHDMI input ports. As has become standard with high-end laptops the Nextbook-Flexx-10 comes standard with both front and rear webcams.

The front both feature 2.0MP resolution and for video conferencing or simply reaching out to friends and family the integrated microphone makes interaction a breeze (and privacy is assured due to the inclusion of the 3.5mm headphone port). For those who enjoy gaming the sensitive 3-axis G-senor is a welcome addition (especially when the screen is detached).

The USB keyboard also enhances the functionality of the unit as a business tool, as does the 7000 MAH Internal rechargeable battery which allows for extended use). The business functionality (and value for money) is even further enhanced by the fact that the Flexx-10 is supplied with a free subscription to Office Mobile (the standard for Windows tablets). This allows the users to enjoy the functionality of access to Office favorites such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel and OneNote.

Taken as a package the Nextbook-Flexx-10 treads that fine line between a versatile tablet type ‘hybrid PC’ and a machine that will allow even demanding business users the freedom to make use of Windows 10 functionality and Office power. It is simply excellent value for money in a sleek and attractive package.