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Nextbook Flexx 11A Tablet Laptop for Web Designers on the go!

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By Matt Smith

Features And Specs For The Nextbook Flexx 11A – This product is no longer sold but we’re keeping the details here for anyone that might need it.

We’ve seen one jaw-dropping tablet after another hit the market over the last decade. The Nextbook Flexx 11A does not disappoint. It’s a wide, stylish tablet with a sleek design and the latest features available. It comes standard with an 11.6-inch screen that supports a total resolution of 1366×768. That’s a sharp image capable of displaying any of your favorite shows, movies, or video games. The 11A manages to pack all of its features into a frame that only weighs around four pounds.

The 11A is perfectly equipped to run all of the latest software and mobile games. It comes equipped with the Windows 10 OS. On the inside are a quad-core Intel Atom processor and 64GB of usable memory. You can expand that memory by using the additional microSD slots. Other standard features include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity built into the tablet.

Of course, our devices are used as cameras as often as anything else. A great tablet needs a great camera to be complete. The Nextbook Flexx 11A has a front and rear 2.0MP camera. There’s also an integrated microphone that is perfect for catching high-quality audio during recording. You can watch these videos on your television using the micro-HDMI connection available.

  1. Boost Productivity

A Nextbook can be a great tool for improving workplace productivity. If you’re a developer or web designer on the move, its stylish design and lightweight frame make it the perfect travel companion at the office. While it won’t compare to the top laptops for web design, the 11A does however run on the Windows 10 OS it can be used to run all of your favorite productivity applications like Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. It also supports the Pogo keyboard so that you can actually use these programs from your tablet without waiting for an actual desktop.

What if you’re one of the few people that hasn’t started Word or OneNote yet? Now is the perfect time to start! The Nextbook Flex 11A tablet comes with a free subscription to the well-known Office Mobile suite of tools. That includes Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excels. These are all excellent productivity tools on the computer and for tablets.

  1. Have Fun

Don’t be that person who only uses their tablet for work. It’s a mobile gaming platform capable of providing endless hours of fun. The Nextbook Flexx 11A is designed with the newest generation of gamers in mind. The 11.6-inch screen and the 16:9 aspect ratio are perfect for enjoying games on the go. The Pogo keyboard feels natural and allows for a completely immersive experience. There is also a 3-axis G-sensor for the most advanced games out there.

Gaming doesn’t need to be restricted to your tablet screen. With the micro-HDMI port, you can connect your tablet to any television that supports HDMI. This allows you to easily convert your portable tablet into a powerful home gaming console.

  1. Take It On The Go

We’re often stuck choosing between functionality and portability. The 11A combines both of these into a single, stylish package. It weighs less than four pounds and can easily be carried with you anywhere you go. The internal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections don’t require you to bring any extra equipment when you travel. You can even leave the Pogo keyboard at home if you want to make the trip easier. It is; however, a good idea to invest in a quality travel bag for your new tablet.

  1. Enjoy Your Favorite Hobbies

The 11A embraces simplicity while remaining modern. The touchscreen surface is smooth and responsive. It’s a great tool for artists who want to draw or write on the go. The 2MP cameras located on the front and the back are ideal for capturing high-quality images or videos while you’re traveling.

You can store all of your favorite creations, videos, or photos on the 64GB of internal storage. You can also use the additional microSD slots to add 128GB of removable storage to your device. With SD cards, you can capture photos and videos and then store the SD card somewhere safe without ever transferring any files. This reduces the risk of damaging or losing files in the process.

Additional Specs And Features

  • Intel Quad-Core Processor
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth 4.0
  • 11.6-inch screen
  • MicroSD expansion slots
  • 9000 mAH rechargeable battery