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Nextbook Premium 7SE-GP

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By Matt Smith

Work And Play Collide In The Nextbook Premium 7SE-GP (No longer produced)

Statistics have shown that more and more people are expecting their electronic devices to offer a balance between business functionality and entertainment.

Fortunately Android has provided those users with the perfect opportunity to use business applications – while still enjoying access to an enormous library of games – on the downside, many of the budget tablets that are on the market simply do not have access to the full library of 600,000 games on Google Play.

However, that changed with the release of the Nextbook Premium 7SE-GP.

This tablet, developed and released by E FUN provides more than a hat tip towards those who want a premium Android gaming experience. However, in the words of the late-night TV commercials – ‘that’s not all’.

The tablet, which runs Android Ice Cream 4.0 OS delivers crisp graphics that rely on the 7-inch capacitive touch screen to deliver a superior viewing experience whether the user requires an immersive ‘time out’ to watch the latest blockbusters, play a huge variety of Android games available on Google Play (Play Store access comes standard with the device), reading your favorite novel or short story, listening to your favorite playlist of music hits or surfing the net.

The 800×480 pixel screen (16.9 ratio) delivers when it comes to that immersive experience and makes both playing and watching a great way to pass the time – even when lighting conditions are less than ideal.

Making it even more of a pleasure to access the content that you want, when you want it is that the Nextbook Premium 7SE-GP is WiFi-enabled. However, there is also added functionality in the form of a 0.3MP front-facing camera – after all, why should you have to enjoy those special moments alone when you can get online and share with family and friends.

The 1GHz processor (courtesy of a Amlogic A9 1GHz processor)and 1GB DDR3 RAM also makes sure that the gaming experienced is fast, smooth and delivers on the promise of fun that many tablets that have comparable specifications simply can’t.

Access to other information that the user might need – or access to fast Internet speeds is also assured through the addition of the onboard HDMI-out port, USB host port (able to make use of an external 3G Dongle) and a MicroSD slot to up storage capacity.

The unit does come equipped with 4GB of built-in flash memory – but that is expandable up to 32GB).

For gamers, or those who want to take advantage of the wide range of productivity software and apps that are available through the Play Store the ability of the screen to switch between portrait or landscape mode thanks to the G-sensor auto-rotate feature will be one that is welcomed by both the casual user and those who want that extra element of productivity to be thrown into the mix of a very capable gaming device.

The Nextbook Premium 7SE-GP comes with a full suite of Cloudlink productivity apps – and for those who want to make use of the cloud to store documents and other data the 5GB of storage that is also provided free of charge adds to the attractions of the tablet.

When it reached the market the Nextbook Premium 7SE-GP was priced at under $130 – making it tremendously attractive.

It is now available at a discount – and for those who want a light business workhorse, combined with a machine that simply delivers on the fun potential of a tablet there can be very few other choices that can match the sort of value that is delivered by this tablet that has stood up to the ravages of time and style remarkably well.