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Nextbook Premium 8HD Tablet for College Students

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By Matt Smith

Great Viewing And Specs For A Budget Price

When the Premium8 hit the markets it was touted as a budget entry into an increasingly crowded tablet market – and it delivered on everything that was promised in a budget package. Unfortunately, it is no longer produced but we’ve kept the specification here for the nostalgic amongst you!

The market at that point was becoming saturated with truly portable devices that claimed to rival laptop PC’s in various performance areas. However – there were some specialist areas where budget tablets for college students did actually deliver on their promise.

The Nextbook Premium 8 was one of those. It delivered an experience that was ideal for home viewing of entertainment options available – and it has some great specs when it came to importing data and upgrading performance.

The screen was also ideal for gaming (800×600 high resolution) – and the availability of a wide variety of ebooks for viewing was a positive plus for those who wanted to indulge their reading bug.

Those who wanted a tablet that focused on gaming or wanted to switch between landscape and portrait mode without the added hassle of manual selection would be delighted with the G-Sensor capability of the unit.

The Nextbook 8HD is also ideal for surfing the net due to WiFi capability.

The ability of the device to harness the power of the ever-evolving Android operating system (in this case the android 2.3 OS release) meant that it opened up a world of possibilities for those who wanted to browse a wide variety of games and apps that could be used for business purposes and as a viable entertainment platform for bot those on the go and those who wanted the Android experience in the comfort of their own home.

The 8-inch TFT color screen is a positive boon for those who want an immersive entertainment experience. For those who want to share their experiences on the go via the Internet – or simply to connect with family and friends the 2.0MP front-facing camera offers great resolution – and is more than sufficient for personal use, or in a pinch as a backup for use during business interactions.

You are not going to get the sorts of resolution that today’s state-of-the-art cameras offer – but then you will be getting the functionality at a fraction of the cost of the higher-end machines.

The touch sensor screen was reactive and did not require excessive pressure in order to function properly and offered smooth operation. Base models are equipped with 4GB of memory which would be enough for casual use, however, the Micro SD/MMC Card Slot allowed for memory expansion up to 32GB.

For added functionality and ease of access for information supplied via other devices, the Premium8 also comes with a USB slot and a microSD slot. The built-in microphone and the ability to support USB2 headphones are a welcome addition for those who want to keep their entertainment experience as discrete as possible.

In short, this is a machine that neatly crosses the line between a very capable tablet and a device that is perfect for use in the home office. Adding to the attractiveness of the device is the fact that the rechargeable battery boasts a life of up to 6 hours in normal use.

Power uses will experience a dropoff that will see the battery run dry in around 4 hours – but charging is quick and easy. It sports an attractive minimalist design which has stood the test of time and will, even today not be considered outmoded.

For those in search of a tablet that will do all the basics right – and one that is on the market at a price that will not break the bank, the Nextbook Premium 8HD ticks all the right boxes.