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Premium 8SE Tablet

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By Matt Smith

For those that love to surf the internet, they will enjoy the latest tablet. They will also be able to communicate and stream videos in a new and fantastic way. The Premium SE series is here and many are really loving what it can do for them. It has everything that they liked in a tablet but it is extremely smarter, faster, and better to get the most use out of it that they can.

Originally from, this tablet is no longer produced but we’ve kept the information for anyone who still needs it.

You can find the best tablets on retailers for $169.99. The price is fantastic for a 8-inch color display tablet. There is little that it can’t do and lots are finding that it is one of the best ones on the market. The company is always committed to making the highest quality tablets and this model in the Premium SE series is no different. It is built for use and is lightweight for users to be able to carry it with them wherever they go for business or for pleasure.

The Features Of This Tablet

It has a front camera with great picture ability. 800X48 high resolution is something that is impeccably there for users to make use of. Videos are part of the many things that one can do with this Google Android 4.0 with Flash 10.2. Many options are available on the tablet so that anyone can get things accomplished that they need and want to. With so many functions, they will have the speed that they need for great communications and a variety of functions. Having the 4GB storage capacity is all included in this small and compact tablet.

More Great Aspects Of The Tablet

One of the features that many love about the unit is that there are 25 ebooks included. They can download them want they want to get a good read in for their enjoyment. Since it is something that customers really enjoy, the company knew that adding this to their tablet would increase a person’s ability to get in some great entertainment. Another great aspect is that they can watch the movies that they want because of the great streaming capability. With lots of games, the tablet is a fantastic entertainment unit that all are raving about.

Comes In A Package Full Of Great Extras

Inside the box that the tablet comes in, the user manual is provided for help with any issue that can come up. There is also a protective pouch provided so that carrying the tablet will work out the best for them. There is also a USB cable provided and an AC adapter included with the purchase. Customers will have everything that they need in order to start using their tablet as soon as they possibly can.

Customer Service

If the customer ever needs assistance with their tablet, they will be able to get the help that they need. All of their questions will be answered in a clear and concise way. Those that work for the company are professionals in their field and they will help the customers understand the product better so that they can use it to the fullest extent. Any problems, issues, or concerns will be taken care of right away. It is a company that really believes in treating its customers right and with respect.

Those who have purchased this tablet are also extremely happy with the price. At $169.99, they are getting what they want and a whole lot more. Enjoying the use of this fantastic product is what many more will be doing in the future. They will know that they are getting a great value for the money and that the product is the best of its kind. Getting the most enjoyment out of it is possible at any time that they want to use it. The popularity of this product will continue to increase as more and more learn about from their friends and family recommending it. They tell others what a great purchase it is so that they to can get a chance to enjoy it.